The long road between high school and home meant that I had to take long bus rides across town everyday. Lucky for me I had a buddy along for the ride, and time of which we spent debating the merits of Juarassic Park, if Billy Jean was the greatest pop song ever written and other important topics in popular culture (if you think that growing older has changed our talking points I’d like to point out that we just spent the entire week raving about Zee Avi). Occasionally I had to take the ride alone and I’d start to wonder if I could read the minds of people on the bus. I’d focus on the cute girl up front, close my eyes, try to dig up her thoughts and then, nothing. I wasn’t able to read a single mind after years of trying,proving once again that wanting and wishing for something just isn’t enough. You have to wait for someone to build it instead. These days Twitter gives me all the psychic powers I need. With telepathic precision I can answer questions like: what are the cool people doing this weekend? (Star Trek, then drug induced raves) or who at this very moment is thinking about sex? The next time someone asks me about Twitter I’m gonna be like: “Twitter? That’s like a mindreading psychic super power thing man.”